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From a Fajita Bar Buffet with all the toppings you can think of, to a plated dinner that starts out fresh, we are here for all your wedding needs. 

When it comes to the community or parties with your friends, we offer small tastings and full dinners that fit any theme you can think of. 

Ever heard of bringing the chef to you? Private home events are also available upon request!

View our menu of delicious catering options for inspiration.

Catering Menu

A whole new experience that brings the best of both worlds into one; Charcuterie.

In our professional opinions, charcuterie boards meet all categories of vegetables, and fruit, with specialty meat and cheese in one. 

Allergies? We will avoid all allergens with no issue.

  • Crackers are always kept separate and gluten-free crackers are available upon request!

With the love of art and the ability to compose a new piece with each board, there are never two that look the same.

Don't like the board and want them individually? We can do that too!

  • Our charcuterie cups capture everything you can think of on a charcuterie board but in your hand.
  • The cutest stickers can add the best touch, making them unique to each event!

Our Catering Chronicles

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From lunches to parties to weddings, we’ve got you covered! 
Let us custom-design a menu to your tastes, budget, and specifications. 

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